World Of Christmas
Buying Christmas presents for teens is a difficult task to do. Books can make a comeback as a safe gift for teens this Christmas.

Christmas Books For Teens

Christmas is a time to share, relax and enjoy the long holiday season. A lot of people have different ways to make it memorable. In the present scenario there is lot of focus on education and reading. The younger generation is either tuned to gadgets and gizmos or playing video games. Christmas holidays can be used for embracing the art of reading once again among the young teens. Choosing a Christmas gift or for that matter any gift for teenagers can be a daunting task. The author Richardson has stated that "Books are the legacies that a great genius leaves to mankind, which are delivered down from generation to generation, as presents to the posterity of those who are yet unborn." Hence books should be encouraged and should not be forgotten as excellent gifts. An appropriate selection of books will not only serve as source of knowledge but will become your friend in daily struggles of your life. Discover the most modern books for teens this season ranging from a teen fiction to sizzling fantasies and realities. Check out for some of many selections of books for teenagers.

Christmas Books For Teenagers

The Twilight Saga Collection
The twilight vampire series is the number one series for teen girls and would be a great Christmas gift. While most teen fans of twilight series have many or all books, the twilight saga collection box set by Stephanie Meyer can be an amazing gift. The box set has all four novels from the Twilight saga.

The Murder Of King Tut
Teens who are interested in ancient history of the world this book gives an in-depth detail of the murder of young King Tut from ancient Egypt. It is written by James Patterson, the master in writing murder mystery. Patterson brings the ancient world alive. The book is written in a nifty way describing the circumstances that led to the child king Tut's death. It's a non-fiction and an enjoyable book.

Our Choice
This book is for those teens who are passionate about environment and global warming. The author of the book is the former vice president of USA, Al Gore. It's a collection of essays written in an easy simple manner. "Our choice" is a wrapping up of around 30 international climate summits led by Mr. Gore. It's an eye-opener and leaves readers with hope.

Breathing Underwater
This book is an exceptionally painful, compassionate yet healing book to read. It is about an issue that both teens and adults need to be aware off. The author of the book is "Alex Finn". It's a story about a young man's choice of following in his father's footsteps unaware of the consequences it has on his own life. Given the subject matter "Breathing Underwater" achieves the desired result. A must read for growing up teens.

Life Is Funny
This book is a very witty young novel for teens and adults. The author of the book is E.R. Frank. He has penned a multicultural, multidimensional book that will confront and transform those who read it. The author introduces all characters with their backgrounds and stories. Every character leaves a mark on you, and you feel real emotions while reading it. Present this book to a teen and see them fall in love.