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This year, instead of throwing away the Christmas tree, go for its recycling. Read some Christmas tree disposal tips & ideas.

Christmas Tree Recycling

The Christmas party is over and all the guests have gone back to their homes. It is time now for pulling down all the decorations, including lights and ornaments. But the hardest part of packing up the Christmas decorations is the Christmas tree, which you erected with so much effort. You are in a sort of dilemma, whether to put it in the garage or throw it in the garbage bins? Well, let us help you out of this. The best thing you can do is to go for recycling of the Christmas tree. Many cities and countries provide Christmas tree recycling services. However, if you don't have any such option available, do not worry. You can try recycling the Christmas tree on your own. Just follow any of the ideas and tips for Christmas tree disposal given below:

Christmas Tree Recycling Ideas
  • You can make a bird shelter out of your Christmas tree. Keep the Christmas tree in its stand and place it outdoor. The birds will get a safe haven, which will provide them protection from wind and cold.
  • Trim off the branches from the tree and place them over the garden beds, in order to reduce the frost heaving caused by freezing and thawing. The trunk of the tree can be used for making homemade trellises or tomato stakes.
  • You can also use the Christmas tree to make sand and soil erosion barriers, especially at a beach or on a riverbed.
  • You can throw your Christmas tree into a pond or stream; it will make a great habitat for the fish.
  • The branches of a Christmas tree can be removed, chipped and used as mulch in the garden.
  • You can also cut off the branches of the tree and lay these branches over the bed where the perennial are sown. This will provide the plants better insulation.
  • You can also cut the log of the Christmas tree into 2 inches thick discs which can be used to edge the flowerbed or your walkways.
  • If you had a thick tree you can cut the logs in different lengths hence forming beautiful risers for your flowerpots.
  • You can also saw the stump of the tree into thin disks and then you can sand these diskettes to give a smooth finishing. Apply different patterns or paints to make beautiful coasters.
  • Rent a chipper with your neighbors and chip your tree with the help of it. Then you can spread the chips in your garden, as this will suppress the weeds and will decompose slowly to add nutrients to the soil.
  • Spray-paint the tree with wood varnish and then color it with the colors of your choice. It will become a great piece for your garden.
  • Never ever burn your Christmas tree in a fireplace or wood stove. It may contribute to creosote buildup, though it can be used as a fire starter.
There are a number of other uses which can be taken from this tree. But keep in mind that the best way to dispose off a Christmas tree is by giving it away to the organizations which work towards keeping the city clean.