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Most of the people today use artificial wreaths for Christmas. Read on to explore artificial Christmas wreath ideas.

Artificial Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths signify the arrival of the Christmas season. Most of the people prefer to hang fresh wreaths on their front door. However, an artificial Christmas wreath is as good as a fresh one and can even be reused the next year. Artificial wreaths are relatively quite easier to maintain and one doesn't even have to face the problem of ensuring that they don't dry up. Artificial wreaths for Christmas are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. However, oval or round shaped artificial wreaths are the most popular around the holiday season.

Artificial Christmas Wreaths are mostly made of dried leaves of firs, Oregon pines, blue spruce, eucalyptus and tiffany. Quite frequently, one can see two different types of leaves being used in the wreath, which helps in giving it a beautiful dual tone. While decorating an artificial Christmas wreath, you can either go for subtle decorations or the extravagant ones. However, it is preferable to avoid gaudy ornaments and too much of embellishments. Some other ideas for decorating an artificial Christmas wreath are given below.
  • Satin bows, small crystals, flowers, beads, etc, look best on artificial Christmas wreaths.
  • Decorate your Christmas wreath with a string of lights. You can go in for either same colored or different colored bulbs.
  • One can also use feathers, along with strips of felt, velvet and brocades to give an exotic look to the wreath.
  • Decorative items such as ribbons, lace, bells, baubles, fresh flowers, berries, etc can also be used as decorations.
  • Using embellishments such as carnations, cookies, apples, cherries, berries, citrus fruits, beads and even colorful buttons can definitely add to the appeal of an artificial Christmas wreath.
  • Last but not the least, the combination of green wreath and large red bows definitely looks magnificent. You can even have bells attached to the wreath, which will make a tinkling noise every time someone knocks or opens the door.