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Read legend of experiences of wise men, one of the Christmas stories about three kings, a Christmas story about Melchior, Balthazar and Jasper.

Legend of the Experiences of The Wise Men

Melchior, the King of Ind, Balthazar, the King of Chaldea and Jasper, the King of Jasper were glad to be informed of the sacred Christmas Star by their astronomers. They lived thousands of miles away, yet they saw the Star that was prophesized about, at the same time. Since they knew that Star was there to inform them about the newborn King and Lord of Jews, they decided to go and search for Him and worship Him. Unbeknownst to each other at the time, they set out on their path with rich gifts for the baby and trains of mules, camels and horses, accompanied by several people to assist them during the journey.

The Star acted as a faithful guide and shone brightly all the way for each of the Kings and his people. It even stopped where they halted and started moving again when they wanted to continue their journey. There was peace throughout the world at the time of Christ's birth, so the gates of the cities and towns were readily opened for the new visitors. The royal appearance of the Three Wise Men was enough to win them respect, awe and admiration of the people on the way. Star showed them the easiest way to Bethlehem as they meandered over hills, waters, valleys, plains and forests without much difficulty. It was only at Jerusalem, where the clouds hid their divine Star; Kings met and greeted each other with great reverence and joy and learned that they had common pursuit. So, they decided to travel together for rest of the way.

They inquired in Jerusalem about the whereabouts of the Christ, as the Star was lost to them. Herod was alarmed on hearing of the three royal personages arriving in his kingdom and inquiring about the newborn King of Jews. He invited them to his palace and guided them to Bethlehem, requesting them to contact him when they have found the Child. The Three Wise Men set out again. Once they were out of Jerusalem, the Star again appeared and they followed it to Bethlehem. Its brightness increased as they reached the Holy Child and at the sixth hour of the day, they reached Bethlehem. However, they were not little surprised when the Star stood light in all its glory and brightness over a lowly stable. The radiance of the divine Star made it look like a second Sun in the sky.

First, Melchior went in the stable. He was an old man and found a wise old man of his age full of knowledge there. Balthazar, the middle-aged man, entered the stable to find a man of his own age who looked quite calm and peaceful meditating there. Jasper, the youngest of the three, found a man in his youth full of passion inside the stable. Then, they entered together to find Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus and they wept with joy and reverence. They came with great gifts but the sight of the Holy Child so awed them that they gifted Him the first gifts that came in their hands from the treasure.

Melchior drew out a round apple of gold and thirty gilt pennies; Balthazar offered incense and Jasper offered myrrh to the Child. They traveled back to their kingdoms together without going back to Herod, heeding the advice of the angel they dreamt that night. At the Hill of Vaws in Ind, they made a fair chapel to worship the Child and decided that it was to be the place of their burial. Then, they took leave of each other and went to their own kingdoms with gladness in their hearts.