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Using Cell Phone Abroad

Most international travelers these days prefer to keep their cell phones while on a vacation trip abroad so that they can easily call anybody they like anytime. To stay in touch with friends and family at home and the facility to plan the trip on phone gives you confidence and sense of security while traveling abroad. Once a luxury, using cell phones overseas has become very affordable today and it is easy to arrange one too. Here are some tips that you can use for international communication:
  • A few specialized companies offer international SIM cards as well as compatible handsets for rent or purchase.
  • Frequent travelers may buy a GSM and tri-band cell phone, which is unlocked so that it can receive any carrier's SIM card. It will help you to just swap SIM cards and enjoy cheaper call rates overseas.
  • If you are buying phone overseas, make sure that it isn't locked into one specific carrier, has a manual in English and there is a warranty.
  • If you are planning to buy country-specific SIM cards, it is better to do so before you leave. In some countries, it is necessary that you are a resident there to buy SIM cards. You need to make sure that you are not left with 'nothing' on arrival.
  • If you have an emergency and need cell phone as a last minute resource, you can ask whether you can rent a cell phone at the airport before your departure or upon arrival. However, it is very expensive since they charge a rental fee for the physical handset plus usage charges and generally have a minimum daily or weekly usage charges too.
  • Infrequent vacationers can just opt to rent a cell phone handset with no service and use the SIM card of the country.
  • It is always best to confirm with your cellular phone service provider, whether international cell phone service is available at your holiday destination, before you leave. You may also like to check for rates and the compatibility of your handset.
  • Many cellular service providers offer you the facility of international roaming and your present cell phone may work overseas too. How, this may turn out to be very expensive, so it is always better to look for other options too.
  • Most of the countries around the world have at least one cellular provider that offer the locals competitive prepaid cellular service with unlimited free incoming calls and low outgoing call rates, even if you are making international calls. Using GSM system may also allow using the same number in over 200 countries. Use a country-specific SIM card, if you are planning to spend your holidays in one country but if you are planning to hop across countries during your vacations, you may like to buy an international SIM card that allows service in multiple countries.
  • Most of the countries around the world offer GSM (Global system for mobile communications) facility. You can check whether your vacation destination has GSM service available or not and then, decide on the cell phone option.
  • The primary and only advantage of using your current carrier overseas is being able to travel internationally while retaining your number. So, if you are expecting an important client to call, you can always answer their call, wherever you are but then you may also face many avoidable phone calls.